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Welcome to abraCATabra Maine Coons…

Primarily my focus has been to provide gorgeous LARGE Coons with the personality of a gentle giant.

I’ve focused on breeding Coons with attitude, pizazz, but a loving playful member of your family. Full of adventure and always present.

When you adopt a coon from me, I like to think that I’m helping with adopting the most important member in your family, a dog dressed in cat clothes, a Coon smarter than your dog, able to communicate in ways only a Coon can.

Make sure you read why abraCATabra Catteries can provide the best guarantee of any NZ animal breeders.

Maine Coons Kittens for Sale in NZ

We love Maine Coons kittens, and we love everything about providing these wonderful pets to cat-loving, caring homes. At AbraCATabra, we offer two main types of Maine Coon cat for sale in NZ, depending on availability:

  • Kittens – as an experienced Maine Coon breeder in NZ, we breed kittens using a strict and well-structured breeding programme that prioritises healthiness and the characteristics of this wonderful breed of cat that we love so much.
  • Retired Maine Coons – we also have Maine Coons that have spent several years with us here at the cattery but are now ready for retirement and their new loving home.

Experienced Maine Coon Kitten Breeders in New Zealand

How We Work

One of the realities that we face here at AbraCATabra every day is that there are more people looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale in NZ than we can provide. Our breeding programme is not about quantity, but healthiness and quality, so we have to be selective with who we sell our kittens to.

The process starts by completing our enquiry form. There is a blurb section on this form where you can tell us about your family and home. Make sure you complete this part of the form, as it is key to our decision-making process.

If we think you might be a good fit for one of our retired Maine Coon cats or one of the kittens we have for sale in NZ, we’ll respond to your enquiry to find out more about what you are looking for.

Other Things You Need to Know

One of the requirements we have when you purchase either a kitten or a retired Maine Coon is that you must also purchase a separate food pack. We have many years of experience breeding, raising, and looking after Maine Coons, so we understand the best diet for them to eat. The food pack that we supply ensures healthy ongoing development and eases the transition into the new home.

There are two food packs available – a standard option and a bulk option. More details are available on our website.

What You Can Expect

We want to give you and your new pet the best possible start, and we want to make sure you have confidence in the cats we breed. So, each of the cats we sell is microchipped and desexed. We also regularly worm and flea-treat our kittens and cats, and your new cat will have had its first vaccination at a minimum. We also offer guarantees – more details on the guarantees we provide can be found on our guarantee page.

Cats for Sale in NZ

Are you looking for cats for sale in NZ? We can help at AbraCATabra. We don’t breed any type of cat, though. Instead, we breed the most beautiful, striking, and fun-loving cat breed there is – the Maine Coon. Big, fluffy, full of personality, friendly, and loving – there is so much to love about Maine Coons.

We have both kittens and retired Maine Coons available. The retired Maine Coons are fully trained and have fantastic personalities that we know well, given the time we have spent with them.

If you have a query about the cats we have for sale in NZ, please get in touch.

Buying a Maine Coon from AbraCATabra

When buying either a kitten or a retired Maine Coon, you will also need to purchase one of our food packs. There are two food packs, a standard option and a bulk option. We have this policy in place to ensure the transition to your home is as smooth as possible for the cat. For kittens, the food we provide also helps with their ongoing development. We have carefully selected the food for these reasons.

Each cat we sell is desexed, wormed, flea treated, and microchipped. Your new cat will also have at least its first vaccination, and you’ll get a one-year replacement kitten guarantee. This guarantee ensures you will get a replacement kitten if your kitten or cat develops a hereditary or terminal disease in the first year. You can keep this guarantee in place if you continue to purchase our carefully selected food packs. More details are on our guarantee page.

With our full package, we also offer a VIP service where you can jump the queue to have more choice, plus you’ll get our full replacement insurance. This insurance covers a range of situations, providing you with a replacement kitten if something happens to yours, such as if it is stolen or suffers a terminal illness.

We can also create a safe outside enclosure for your cat. Outside spaces present a lot of dangers for cats, but a well-built enclosure will give your cat plenty of outside stimulation in a safe environment. Get in touch to find out more.

Enquire Today

To make an enquiry about our kittens and cats for sale in NZ, complete the form, making sure you complete the section about yourself and the home you will provide for the kitten. We have a limited number of kittens, so we can’t provide kittens for everyone who wants one. However, we will respond to your enquiry if possible.