2017 Kittens are Stunning!

Our primary focus is still Nature Nature NATURE, but we are now beginning
to bring through the conformation that we like. Size & ‘Punch’ (otherwise
described as WOW factor!) Take a look at some of this seasons
stunning babies:)

Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, superb:)

site update!

Take a look at our new page for adoptee’s, you can send us your feedback and favourite photos & we’ll post your loved kitties online:) They will be famous like Natalies Romeo below! Meow…

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

Romeo has taken possession of the  “Pink” chair.  What a great way to attract a lady friend Romeo!!!

Super Adorable!

Casper is working hard to assist with our huge waitlist…

Look at what he has produced:)


His kittens are stunning, both in conformation & character. Casper is not only the biggest boy we have, weighing in at 11kg’s he is the most affectionate Cat we own. I really love him & he is completely loving back to me…

Polydactyl ~ Lady Antoinette…

She is here, months in the making & with a great deal of planning, we are able to bring you polydactyls! Lady Antoinette from France, is on her way and we could not be more delighted! So much thanks to Véronique for doing an AMAZING job in breeding such quality.


My Lady is a 4WD & has an awesome nature, she is kind, gentle and curious & we cannot wait to spend time with her in person. A total of 24 digits spread equally, she has everything we have been desiring in our first Polydactyl.


Griffon Bruxellois

Are you aware that we also breed Griffons:) Take a look at this adorable baby girl:)



Her daddy is very proud of her, Joshua is famous, take a look at his Facebook Joshua Valenta-Gwyn. It’s quite a great read…

Here’s some more pics of madame i wanna be a pop-star (albeit – a sleepy one!)

Little treasures

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our kitties’, lately I’ve been observing our reasons for why we breed when it’s a great deal of time and effort. But when you happen on the cutest pair of munchkins like below, the reasons for long hours in tendering & fostering the healthiest Cattery become VERY clear.

Below is a wonderful example of why a cattery like ours puts in the hours to raise the happiest of kittens. Munchkin One & Munchkin Two 🙂 Total bliss, character & a great delight…



Auckland All Breed CAT Show


Can you imagine being woken at 5am on a Sunday morning, only to be plonked in the shower for the second time in 24hrs! My dad’s are mad… I thought I must be having a nightmare when dad 1 said boldly – it’s bath time Cheeky. I was snug as bug in a rug, all I could think was, yeah right, brr sleep zzzzz… I just got to sleep, leave me alone! He didn’t seem to understand that he woke me in the middle of my favourite fantasy, playing the pied piper & summoning 1000 mice to my doorstep…

Well, as if that weren’t enough, after my worst nightmare of shower no.2 at 5am – dad 2 decided along with dad 1 that they still had time for a re-wash – a third bath!!! Meow Meow meow, now I’m gonna have to put my claws down – they have gone cray cray with the crazy! Anybody into a re-house?

Please I’m begging can someone tell them the rules of a Sunday morning sleep-in… it should consist of a special breakfast containing large portions of bacon coated liver drops, candied lamb served on a bed of – well my OWN bed would have sufficed! Leave the crayfish n scollop scallions to the grown ups, I just want my bed back with another two hours of sleep!

Anyway, they seemed happy enough by bath three & then we were off!

We arrived at the show only to discover that other kitties weren’t that impressed to be out of bed so early on daylight saving!  In fact one of them made a big smelly morning poo just a few cages down from me – everyone seemed so annoyed, brrr kind of made me laugh lol… secretly I think it serves those foster parents right for treating us feline beauties in such a way.


 brr brr meow!

Here I am at 10:30am still trying to catch up on sleep. Would someone mind telling the judges to just leave my door shut, I’m still growing & I’m in the process of working on my boning – can’t you see, important work going on!!!

Well, after a few more zzzzzz, I decided I quite liked all the fuss & attention, & those judges had awesome feather toys, some included sparkles & some with bells – my favorite!

Look how good I look below, I’m almost taller than that Aussy Judge, & they have the audacity to call us kiwi’s hobbits, she was ALL over me, feeling me up like you wouldn’t believe! She seemed to like me though, saying wow very good pressentation, talking about my beautiful boxy muzzle & what fabulous ears I had, she said she loved my lynx tips & the length of my tail… Boo yeah, i am the Queen of Sheba! Better give me back my cage, I’ve developed a head swelling!


I hope I  get home in time for dinner, this really is tiring being jabbed and patted & stretched out like a rubber band…


  Kitties with Attitude!!!


We will keep this precious Poly Cotton Socks for next years breeding… We are delighted to be bring two new studs in New Zealand towards March – April next year. Ones a Poly & one’s a straight footed, but both are cute as a button!

Super cute, look at those feet, toe’s ‘NO snow shoes required’