abraCATabra Bello ~ Dreamer, entrepreneur…


***Son of Flurmonz Pegasus & Flurmonz Meeka (bred by abraCATabra)

Bello, is Highly affectionate, loving & very playful, while in the play pen outside, he wants to touch, pat & chase everything. He’s a big boy and remarkable like his dad, strong muzzle & and great ears. He coat always has a very healthy shine/glimmer, Bello is a remarkably well natured boy & has impeccable conformation.

While in the house, he sits on the ground infant of us until we will get more mince for him, always with a superior appetite , Bello loves to pounce on Joshy our dog & plays chase when we have puppies. It’s very cute…


abraCATabra Casper – the friendly Ghost ~ Silent, stealth, P.I.

 Caspers favorited food is Paddock Chicken (Corned Beef) He utterly loves his food & because he’s so large & growing at such a rapid rate, I have to watch what he eats. His sweet, gentle, soulful nature makes him anybodies friend. He’s a deep thinker, not as agile as Bello, or Bossanova, but they are best mates. In the play pen casper would rather spend the day on the Pohutukawa logs that bring natural surroundings into there lives.

In the evenings in our house Casper will be on the back of the sofa or lying directly in front of the fire. He rarely chases anything, loves to be cuddled as he’s highly affectionate, will give be a big hug with his arms, eats, sleeps and watches everyone else running around the house:) He would make the ideal coach potato.

***son of Mainframe Boston Blue & Flurmonz Pegasus (bred by abraCATabra)

He’s a gental giant, weight close to eight kg’s and only 8 months. Casey is almost a metre long from his head to his hind quarters, I would not be at all surprised if he ends up a 12-14kg’s given that he has so much growing to do. He has the biggest paws I’ve ever seen on a domestic cat, when he stretches them out, the are close to half the size of my hand. If I have a kitten needing help, I can rely on Casper to be sitting next to him/her encouraging them to do there best…