Tracey Lougheed

Tracey now has two babies purchased from abraCATabra

Dear Jules & Petr

We feel very blessed to be lucky enough to have one of your gorgeous Maine Coon purrbabies🙏 

Chante is remarkable!! she delights and amazes us with her personality, smarts and cuteness.  She grows more beautiful every day and is our constant little companion, full of joy and life.  We love the wee chirp she makes before charging up to us when we call her and her obvious pleasure at seeing us if we’ve been out for a while.  Chante is certainly like no other cat we have ever had, vey connective, easy to train, affectionate and confident.  We couldn’t be happier!!

She was definitely worth the wait Jules 😻

Warm regards Tracey & Dion  

A few pics from the many.


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