Unlike some other people-oriented cat breeds, Maine coon cats are not overly dependent on their human family. Instead of pestering you for attention, they will remain close by for companionship. Not usually “lap cats,” they prefer to sit beside you instead of on top of you. Maine coon cats make great buddies for kids & generally socialize well with other pets.

Part of understanding everything you need to know about Maine coon cats is the fact that this relaxed & laid-back breed develops slowly until maturity between ages three & four. Aging does not eliminate their playful, kitten-like temperament & reputation as “gentle giants” of the feline world. Unlike many cat breeds, they prefer to remain low to the ground rather than jumping up to higher surfaces, that being said, they will in the end – do as they want… There are no rules to Coons as they are free spirits:)

as large as a lion, as gentle as a baby…

The breed has been described as owning a dog in cat clothes. Welcome a Maine Coon into your family, and you will join the thousands who sing the praises of this large, handsome, gentle, and affectionate breed. Forever entertaining, forever loved!