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Our commitment at abraCATabra is quality. We guaranty the health & development of our kittens for the first year & offer any support should you require this during the life of your adventure Coon. As part of belonging to the NZ Maine Coon Club we are encouraged to regularly test against HCM & HD. This is part of our commitment to you that we will continue to test against these issues to maintain the healthiest progeny possible.

abraCATabra breeding Cats

– please enquire for the price of your breeding Queen or Studbook from abraCATabra Cattery

  • We welcome overseas enquiries for the purchase of our top Catz. Complete confidence that our breeding lines will enhance and add to any Catteries.

abraCATabra kitties …

    • All kittens available for placement are vetted to the HIGHEST standards & only after a vigorous scanning method by our vet & cattery alike do our kittens become available to the market.
    • Once we know you will provide a great home for one – or more – of our kitten(s) and you have paid a deposit …you can select your kitten on a first in line availability basis.
    • Your kitten will come desexed, wormed regularly & vetted with a current Vet Passport including their first vaccinations & when you are required to visit your vet next.
    • Complete with registration with the NZCF & microchipped.

Click here to enquire about purchasing your kitten, OrderingYourCoon (Please note, we need to be satisfied that you can provide a WONDERFUL home prior to an agreement to sell you an abraCATabra Maine Coon kitten)