grand champion – flurmonz phoenix

Flurmonz Phoenix Pedigree

Her pet name is Chiquita (we often refer to her as Cheeky Red Devil)


Phoenix (AKA cheeky) is a stunning red classic tabby, show casing a beautiful white under carriage. Extremely easy going & relaxed, yet SUPER playful. Cheeky will jump up on the back of the sofa & throw her arms around my neck in a bear hug. Holding tight, she will then proceed to groom me as though I’m one of her kittens! She can leap accross tall buildings and swing from bridge to bridge – she’s a Super Model & a SuperCAT. Her favourite actress is Nicole Kidman starring in Eyes wide Shut!

Cheeky possess’s dark mythical powers from a deeply undiscovered magical past only known in the underworld, she can make the contents of her dinner bowl dissapear right before your eyes:) IN only SECONDS!!!

Breed by Judy Formby at Flurmonz Cattery. Chiquita has exceptional conformation & has excelled in the show ring.

She loves to chase anything that moves, curl up in small spaces despite being exceedingly large for her age. She’s adventurous, curious & a wonderful companion. I love watching how all of our cats get on & find it intriguing to see how they interact with one another…


Dam    – Brnz Dbl Ch  Flurmonz Thor

Sire     – Grnd Ch Flurmonz Pandora


shiningwater silver fire

Shiningwater Silver Fire Pedigree

A Black Torty Silver mackerel, delightful personality – energetic & social, she loves to jump out onto our dogs back. She’s always up for playtime with any of her cat toys.

Her pet name is Tickled Pink (Tickles)





She loves having people over for dinner so she can show off her toys!

When in her outdoor playground – she climbs high and jumps far. She always comes when she’s called as she cannot stand to miss out on what’s going on…

I pity the mouse that tries to enter our home discretely, as Tickles ear furnishings will have her pouncing from wall to ceiling, it will end in mouse heaven, with a tail hanging out of the corner of Tickles mouth:)

is it a train, is it a plane, no – it’s just Tickles & her Might Mouse catching game, driving the mice insane, keep rodents at bane, Tickles is great at playing this game…

She’s a total hobbit by nature, from the time she wakes to the 1/2 hour she sleeps… she would engage in pre breakfast, breakfast, after breakfast treats, morning tea, a snack, pre lunch samples, lunch, after lunch, after lunch snack, snack after lunch… It’s goes without saying, she LOVES her food! I am wondering if she may be part Czech as her human dad displays similar personality traits…



Dam   Ch – Shinningwater American Frosting

Sire   Pr & Gold  Dbi Gr Ch – Vladimir Vanilla Chai

grand champion – flurmonz meeka

Flurmonz Meeka Pedigree

Meeca is an incredible brown torty classic tabby & white. She’s super alert & fascinated with anythingthatmoves. Easy going, relaxed & also really playful. Meeca has an exceedingly wild look about her, as if she might pounce upon you:) Yet she melts in your arms like a ragdoll & will stay lapping any stroke or affection that may come her way. Breed by Judy Formby at Flurmonz Cattery. Meeca also has good conformation & has done very well in the show ring.

flurmonz Yasmine

Flurmonz Yasmin Pedigree

A brown tortie mackerel tabby, very playful & super affectionate. You can walk in off the street & this little monster will instantly recognise you as her best friend, plant herself next to you & wait to hear all about your day – She’s delightful! Her pet name is Cookie (Cookie Monster from Sesame Street) Cookie loves any of our feather toys, she has a particular interest in one of our parrots, she thinks he would make a great meal! She’s extremely easy going, relaxed & playful. Breed by Judy Formby at Flurmonz Cattery.

Cookie is the snuggler in the family, she adores being touched:) She’s like a soft toy as her coat is incredible, dishevelled but thick & free flowing. I love it when cookie snuggles under the sheets in the bed – she makes every moment with her something special. She has the personality of a wise graceful old soul, yet she’s the youngest Queen we have. I think she may be Aretha Franklin – the cat version… She’s a Diva with dignity!

I think my favourite trait of hers  is watching how she stirs her water bowl up, she doesn’t muck around! Her entire leg goes in & she proceeds to swirl the huge bucket of water round & round in total fascination creating a tsunami with CATastrophic effects on the kitchen floor. It’s great she can turn the tidiest of kitchens into total chaos just like our 9yr old (Ayoka).

I also love the way that she just appears. Maybe theres a bit a Merlin the great in her, & she has an uncanny way of just showing up unseen. I’ll be in the pantry & she’ll be sitting on a shelf, I head to the bedroom & you guessed it, magically she is exiting the wardrobe . I’ve not yet worked this out, but I suspect perhaps we bought three identical kittens off Judy as cookie appears to be everywhere:)

Cara the Collectable ~ A horder by nature, a ballet dancer by night



Cara, super adventure girl! If its in the playpen, Cara will hide it, she will sneak all the toys into her cave & keep them for herself, ultra playful, ultra affectionate – Cara is a delight. Stunning Blue Tortie Smoke with a precarious nature. Cara will follow any stranger anywhere::)


In the house in the evenings Cara collects paper, fluff, pens, she’s fascinated with insects and will spend hours trying to catch flies. Punching on the dogs and wrestling  them to the ground. So playful. Such a smooch! Anyone who gets a kitten from this beautiful cat this season is in for a treat!