abraCATabra’s 10 year Guarantee!!!

We stand by our guarantee  – there’s not  another cattery in NZ or the WORLD for that matter providing such a comprehensive protection plan for your purbabies… Covering both health & hereditary diseases known in this special breed. It’s our pleasure to ensure you have total peace of mind that pur-babies are protected.

Our breeding plan is focused on the following

  • Your kitties nature.

    Nature is everything to us… as our kitties are not just breed for show quality, we’re acutely aware that they live their life with you, in order for us to know they have the best chance of building strong family relationships – we breed from Queens that have proven natures within both the cattery & while handling them in the nursery. Though it doesn’t just stop there,  we also observe & consider all progeny spending a huge amount of time, training and assisting in human imprinting. Focusing on a gentle touch, kind, loyal loving animals that demonstrate a quality Maine Coon nature!

  • Size.

    Lets face it – Maine Coons are supposed to be large impressive & demonstrate a pretty incredible WOW factor, anybody that says otherwise is misleading you, it’s a characteristic of this breed, so we are selective in our breeding program to ensure size is a factor. Our breeding girls demonstrate this in EVERY way, They are large in length & stature, with great boning & normally present around 8 or 9kg’s. They definitely demonstrate a pretty powerful WOW factor:)

  • Conformation.

    Huge length of body, large ears, great lynx tips, fabulous muzzles & big boning all wrapped into one super long tail! – it’s about perfection. At abraCATabra, you can trust that we will ensure you get quality.

After taking your kitty home, we offer a 1  year ‘guarantee of health’ starting from the minute you receive your stunning new family member from abraCATabra. This includes any illness (determined by a vet to not) – we will replace your kitten if he or she suffers from a serious illness without hope of recovery!


We offer a superior protection plan / guarantee, for 10 years  of your kittens life, our plan provides protection against both HCM & Hip Dysplasia! Simply by continuing to feed your Coon baby on abraCATabra’s quality diet.
There’s simply NO other breeders prepared to back their kittens in New Zealand, but we truly want the best for you & your purbaby!

We see this as a show of good faith – in demonstrating how much we believe in what we do! I have NO doubt in expressing that not only is abraCATabra is best for you, our products & food are by far the best for your kitten.


All guarantees are subject to our standard terms and conditions… Please request this information directly from abraCATabra… We look forward to helping grow your family!