Our Guarantee up to 10yrs

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Our promise to you

Firstly, thank you so much for choosing your abraCATabra kitten & joining our extended family. We were delighted to potentially provide you with your gorgeous, quality Purbaby. 

Standard Pack – option one.

Our guarantee is limited to 6 weeks kitten replacement under option one/SP – Standard Package. Should something serious go wrong during the first 6 weeks, we are happy to replace your kitten with a similar colour & sex. *** Please note, the guarantee is limited solely to hereditary and life threatening disease’s.

Premium & Platinum Package – Options two & Three

Your kitten is protected for 12 months against pretty much everything. – so what does this mean – Should your baby present with any long term illness, hereditary or not – a replacement kitten will be offered to you.

If you continue to build on your already established relationship with abraCATabra and purchase another bulk food in year two of your babies life, not only will you kitten be protected by our guarantee for another year, we will replace your baby for any loss, i.e. should he or she have an accident causing sudden death or simply run away – you’ll be given the option to have a replacement baby….

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How far does the cover stretch?

Our Kitten Replacement Insurance only covers replacing your baby, no veterinary cover is provided, it excludes any additional costs such as travel or accomodation. abraCATabra’s sole responsibility is just to replace your baby with another kitten that is similar to the kitten you had.

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