My Breeding Program

There’s nothing quite like a big Red that’s well Fed – abraCATabra’s diet will ensure your baby will develop to their true potential.

My Breeding Plan is Focused on…

Your Kittens Nature

Nature is everything to me. My kittens are breed mainly for the home, not for showing – so I’m acutely aware that they live there life with you. In order for me to know they have the best chance of building a strong family relationship, I breed from Queens that have proven natures both in the cattery/nursery and while handling them. I also observe the characteristics of the pairing of two parents to ensure that they demonstrate a superb nature, I spend a lot of time handling the kittens, using human imprinting at the right time. This makes all the difference. focusing on a gentle touch, kind, loyal loving animals that demonstrate the true quality of a Maine Coons nature!

While Coon’s do great indoors – just be weary of allowing your’s outside – sadly – the number one reason we replace them is due to theft & then accidents on the road.

Size – lets face it, a Coon needs to be Impressive!

A coon should definitely be large with an incredible WOW factor, anybody that says otherwise is misleading you, it’s a characteristic of the breed, so I am selective in my breeding program to ensure size is a factor. My breeding girls demonstrate this in EVERY way. They are large in length and stature, with great boning and overall length, they generally presenting around 7-10 kgs. The boys I select are based on size and boning, they all have presence and will make you gasp!

Wishlist of a coon – abraCATabra’s adventure package, if you really want the best for your Coon, ask to have a look at our products.


Huge length of body, large ears, great lynx tips & feathering, fabulous square muzzles & big boning – these are all my favourite aspects of the Maine Coons appearance and I strive to present them as part of my ongoing effort. I love long big bushy tails, and a modern disheveled coat with a long gently flowing Maine – that is easily maintained with a quick brush once or twice a week.

Coons are fascinated by beauty and life is an adventure for them – to bring out the best in these guys, try to make your surroundings enriched by nature and activity.

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