Kittens – available, check down the bottom…

Register your interest and pay your deposit – it’s that simple.

If you are particular about a colour, you may have to wait on my register for some time – as certain colours are in high demand. But if you’re flexible – and don’t mind which sex, then it’s likely your wait wont be too long.

Either way, you need to pay your deposit, please make certain that this is what you want, as deposits are not refundable should you change your mind or not want to continue, but once you’ve made your decision to proceed with your purchase, we’d be delighted to assist you in finding a kitten that will suit your needs.

Maine Coon kittens are completely and UTTERLY adorable, there feet are too big for there bodies and they are super soft and delicious. My family love to play with my kittens and my kittens love to get into mischief, it’s a win win situation every time.

abraCATabra Catteries are the only breeders that maintain the level of protection for your coons life long development. We’ve carefully formulated the right food and offer this in different ways to assist with everyones needs. Buying a coon is a significant investment in time and emotional well being.

Make sure you read through my Kitten Guarantee and what you are required to do to be covered by my protection plan. Caring for your kitten is an essential requirement of purchasing a kitten from me, so it’s a two way responsibility, where you make sure you do as I advise and I’ll make sure that I’m available to assist with your questions.

If you want to go ahead a make an enquiry, it’s a simple process, just go to my contact page and fill out the enquiry form, be sure to write a blurb about yourself as I only contact around 1/4 of my enquiries as there are simply too many wanting my kittens, so I read what you have written about the type of home that you will provide and I make contact with those of you that appear to be able to provide fantastic homes for my Purbabies…

We have some stunning kittens at the moment:)