Matariki Kittens are here!

Currently, we have two brown classics – both a male and female, we have a red & black and white Poly boy also.

We have several kittens available on our Premium Package….

How does this work – with each litter that we produce, we keep a couple back specifically for our Premium & Platinum Package Kittens…

Either way, you need to pay your deposit, please make certain that this is what you want, as deposits are not refundable should you change your mind or not want to continue, but once you’ve made your decision to proceed with your purchase, we’d be delighted to assist you in finding a kitten that will suit your needs.

Beautifil Cat Babies
Beautiful babies create beautiful moments

Maine Coon kittens are completely and UTTERLY adorable, there feet are too big for there bodies and they are super soft and delicious. My family love to play with my kittens and my kittens love to get into mischief, it’s a win win situation every time.

abraCATabra Catteries are the only breeders that maintain the level of protection for your coons life long development. We’ve carefully formulated the right food and offer this in different ways to assist with everyones needs. Buying a coon is a significant investment in time and emotional well being.

Make sure you read through my Kitten Guarantee and what you are required to do to be covered by my protection plan. Caring for your kitten is an essential requirement of purchasing a kitten from me, so it’s a two way responsibility, where you make sure you do as I advise and I’ll make sure that I’m available to assist with your questions.

Maine Coons love soft toys and become very attached to their’s

If you want to go ahead a make an enquiry, it’s a simple process, just go to my contact page and fill out the enquiry form, be sure to write a blurb about yourself as I only contact around 1/4 of my enquiries as there are simply too many wanting my kittens, so I read what you have written about the type of home that you will provide and I make contact with those of you that appear to be able to provide fantastic homes for my Purbabies…

Cat is Playing
Making use of the most basic props all of your furniture will become open game – we highly recommend purchasing one of abraCATabra’s Coon Towers.

More About Our Maine Coons

Our Maine Coons are mostly bred for your home environment – to become family pets rather than as show cats. They will make a fantastic addition to your home, becoming part of your family with their own unique personality, sense of fun, and character.

As leading breeders in the country, we take great care when matching the parents of the Maine Coons that we breed, ensuring they have proven natures.

Ragdoll, Burmese & other Kittens in NZ

As you know, the Maine Coon breed is known for its size. While they are small as kittens, they grow into much larger cats than ragdoll kittens, Burmese kittens, and other cat breeds popular within NZ.

The cats we breed at abraCATabra are true to this characteristic. So, our cats have long bodies, big boning, large ears, beautiful lynx tips (ear tufts), bushy tails, and striking square muzzles. They really are stunning. There are several colour options available, so get in contact with us to discuss your preference. We also have both multi-toed (polydactyl) and straight-footed Maine Coons. For us at AbraCATabra, the breeding process is as much about working with the kitten’s nature as it is about selecting parents and ensuring the kitten is healthy and well looked after. Therefore, we introduce the kittens we breed to human contact at the appropriate time. Get in touch to find out more.

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