The most important features of Maine coon cats are the head, body shape and texture of their coat. With a head slightly longer than wide, these cats present a gently concave profile with high cheekbones. Ears are large and wide at the base, moderately pointed, with lynx-like tufting inside. Large, round and expressive eyes are their most distinctive feature. Well-bred Maine coon cats have a well-balanced, rectangular appearance.

Many colors and patterns are allowed in the Maine coon cat breed. Even eye colors can vary from green to gold to blue, with some white Maine coons presenting two different-colored eyes. Their voices — a distinctive chirping trill — also set them apart from other breeds. Although they rarely “meow,” when they do, it sounds like a soft, high-pitched voice that directly contradicts their size.

Everything you need to know about Maine coon cats includes their appealing personality traits. They have a loving, sometimes clown-like nature and often funny habits. They try to be helpful to their human family by jumping into the center of activities. Maine coons love to chase objects and can be taught to catch and fetch. This skill can prove very helpful for rural homes in need of pest control. Because they are strong, hardy cats, novice breeders will find them a good choice for healthy kitten litters.