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Don’t hesitate to reach out with your contact information below, and send a message using the message box, think about what you’re after, personality and colour of the the Purbaby you’d love. Think about the sex of your kitten, the boys are impressive, but the girls make better pets.

When you’re ready to proceed and decide you want a kitten, send your details through and I’ll send you a brief email that further discusses how I work. Then it’s as simple as you paying your deposit and going on my register. I’ll then contact you about a kitten, when one matching the kitten enquiry form becomes available.

The more relaxed you are about the particulars of your kitten, the quicker you are to receive a kitten. Though I work on a strictly first in first served – anyone who purchases the bulk food offer for there kitten is guaranteed to jump to the head of the que. This is simply because I want my cats to have the best, and my Petfood is definitely that.

I need a home – pick me – Option Two please pick me, I the bestest, cutest lil treasure you’ll ever find!

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