Caring for your kitten

Black cat
Look how cute I look – matching furniture!

You’ve been given your baby – what now…

Coons are an essential family member, they will embrace every opportunity that you present for them – so make sure like other family members, you cherish and make life interesting.

Feeding time!

Feed often, as many times as your Purbaby will eat. In the first year, it’s important to continue feeding as I have in my Nursery. I mix a large handful of kibble to their meat. The size of the meal is dictated to by the size of your coon and there appetite. Some of my boys are eating 1 kg of raw food a day…

If you half the size of your Purbabie’s head, this would typically be a good feed, I would offer this to them a minimum of three times a day. If the food is gone within 10 minutes, leave a little more out, if there’s left overs after 20 minutes, decrease the size of the feed.

Kibble and water should ALWAYS be available. It’s important to keep an eye on their biscuit tower, ensure that it’s decreasing as it’s as essential as their raw diet.

Inside or Outside???

While many adoptees have a set idea on whether their Coon is going to live permanently inside or both, I would caution you to consider the following. Coons are expensive and the outdoors pose a definite risk to your coons life. Our years of breeding, our adoptees have unfortunately had a WIDE range of terrible things happen to them outdoors, but we have yet to hear a bad story from our MANY adoptees that continue to keep there loved Coons indoors.

That being said, many people are now investing in large outdoor Caged environments that offer your Purbaby the best of both worlds. We can assist with this for you, as part of our services we will quote on creating an outdoor enclosure to protect your Purbaby, so please don’t hesitate to request a price for our superb Outdoor runs and playpens.


Toys & Excercise

Creating the perfect environment for your kitten can be expensive, I recommend buying the best but doing so over time. That way, as your Coon grows, so too will his/her enrichment program. I promote fostering the best adventure for your Purbaby and suggest buying strong sturdy toys and exercise equipment, as your kitten will get BIG!

Cat is Playing
Talk to Daddy Petr about providing the best for me! I’m worth it…

Regular Care

Like everything in life that gives you pleasure, there’s practical regular maintenance that’s required to facilitate a healthy environment. Regular de-fleaing, worming and facilitating healthy gums, teeth and appetite are just a few.

I do not recommend using ANY medication to de-flea your kitten, most treatments have side effects that can harm your Purbaby, to kill fleas, we wash them with concentrated dish washing detergent once a month, left in for 5-10mins will ensure anything on his/her coat is dead and will wash away after thoroughly rinsing.

Worm your kitten every three weeks after collecting from me, I recommend a simple worm tablet or paste from your grocery store until your kitten is 6 months, vita pet or something similar is fine under 6 months – it’s not to harsh on their digestive system. However, after 6 months, buy tablets from your Vet and continue to use these on a three monthly basis. Animals are low to the ground and use there mouths to experience much of what life can offer them. So continue to worm on a regular basis. I will show you how to tablet worm your baby on the day you collect from me.


Use a brush that will run through your kittens coat easily. I recommend brushing a couple of times a week or as needed. You will not need to do this if your Coon remains inside, a bi-weekly brush is sufficient.

Cat Brushing
A suitable Brush for combing the undercoat of you Purbaby, is demonstrated above..

Clipping Claws

To save your furniture and your skin, this is a must, again, I will demonstrate this for you and show you the correct way to hold your coon. It’s a simple process and needs doing every month – 2 months.

Enjoying playing with you kitten should be a daily routine, they are social loving animals that will reward you with years of love, licks, kisses rubs and pats on your cheek. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of owning your coon that I get breeding these gorgeous creatures for you!

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