Breeding in Puhoi Valley

Welcome to abraCATabra!

My name is Petr, I’m the director of abraCATabra Ltd, based in the gorgeous valley of Puhoi, Auckland, New Zealand. My family & I live on a stunning life style property that has large park like gardens set half way up valley / hill overlooking a completely vast bush valley similar to the image above. This is where I breed my Maine Coons.

It’s idyllic, charming & the perfect environment for setting up my cattery.

We have many animals on the farm, and despite conditions in the winter being harsh, they are thriving just as my Cattery does also.

I will use this platform to bring you news and fill you in on useful information regarding caring for your coons mental and physical well being. It’s important to me that together we share information and use this great tool to assist in the well being of our extended family – your Purbabies & you the adoptee’s of our favourite Purfriends & not just those already adopted from us, but wanna be Coon parents as well!

Charlie – Red Polydactyl taking every opportunity to cuddle cuddle cuddle!

Today’s Topic, – Poly V’s Straight footed

My favourite aspect of breeding, over the many years I’ve been breeding are those huge feet in the photo depicting a Polydactyl Maine Coon kitten above, I call him Yogibear, he’s soft, gentle always has sleep in his eyes but OBG isn’t he delicious! THOSE FEEEEET

Poly Coons have a way of tapping at your heart strings given they are all feet & struggle to know what to do with them at times:) It’s my feeling that they typically share a different temperament to the straight footed Coons & if you have the fortunate experience to adopt one, you will understand what I”m expressing, difficult to define in words, but a Poly’s nature encumbers all that wild fun loving adventure with an additional dose of awareness, love, & caring nature.

Lets talk about price – yes, my poly’s are more expensive that the straight footed, but it’s often said, you get what you pay for! It’s true, at abraCATabra, we aim to give you what you want, not a prissy show cat, that isn’t interested in participating in your family adventures, but a loving, warm baby that’s going to enjoy being pampered into a gentle giant in their adult years. Capable of taking on the world, yet protecting there pride just as a lion would in nature.

Poly’s play differently and experience life through their feet. They are unique in personality, playful by nature, deeply observing in character and understand more than you could believe. Completely trainable and loves the opportunity to learn more tricks. I think it’s fair to say that I utterly love them, and cannot wait myself to have a Poly baby in our home living with us…

Oskar – Polydactyl always looking for the next opportunity to pounce…

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