Basic Care for your new Coon

weekly maintenance…

Daily –

Keep your kittens litter clean and accessible. Purchase a litter spade from your Pet shop to maintain this on a daily basis. As much as possible, try to keep feeding times the same, building a routine is a good idea. Make sure you have teething toys available, your kitten requires this for healthy dental care during teething. Enrich your kittens environment by having plenty of toys available, they do not have to be expensive!

Weekly –

A bi-weekly brush will keep your kittens coat in great condition. Maine Coons like water, so if you want to – take them for a shower with you. If you start this young, they will enjoy it for life! Just keep any soap/shampoo away from their eyes. Cats that have been bathed need to be kept warm as the oil in their coat helps to regulate their temperature, when this is removed – they can get cold, so keep them indoors for 5 days after bathing…