Our babies are unlike any other, we work from home & focus solely on producing gorgeous temperaments & stunning looking Coons


Chante – our superstar in Tauranga

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Dear Jules & Petr

We feel very blessed to be lucky enough to have one of your gorgeous Maine Coon purrbabiesūüôŹ¬†
Chante is remarkable!! she delights and amazes us with her personality, smarts and cuteness.¬† She grows more beautiful every day and is our constant little companion, full of joy and life.¬† We love the wee chirp she makes before charging up to us when we call her and her obvious pleasure at seeing us if we’ve been out for a while.¬† Chante is certainly like no other cat we have ever had, vey connective, easy to train, affectionate and confident.¬† We couldn’t be happier!!
She was definitely worth the wait Jules¬†ūüėĽ
Warm regards Tracey & Dion  


abraCATabra Romeo – aka Mr Dreamy…

Gorgeous big boy, bred from our new stud Bossi, crossed with Tickles… I think a great combination, doesn‚Äôt he do well in¬†pink – I‚Äôd have to say – TOTALLY!¬†Here‚Äôs what his new family have to say about him…

Romeo, true to his name has been winning hearts everywhere he goes. Beyond his good looks, he has the most amazing, confident, gentle and fun loving nature of any cat we have ever known. Our family feels so blessed to have a kitten from abraCATabra, Petr & Jules has a gift for breeding wonderful Maine Coons and matching each kitten to the right owner. We are so over the moon in love with Romeo, we think we need to get him a sister!

Natalie – Wellington.

Beautiful Kitties

abraCATabra Ninja – Taking on the most extreme challenges…

Furry Ninja, bred from Tickles & definately sounds as though she has stealth perfected, seemingly¬†there –¬†then disappeared:) Look at those EARS, I want some just like them… Here‚Äôs what Ninja‚Äôs mom thinks about abraCATabra.

Hi Petr and Jules

Just thought I’d send a message to say how much I’m enjoying our girl¬†and attach some pics of her so far – I have so many I couldn’t choose¬†only a couple, haha.

She is just the most beautiful thing, I’m so so so happy to have her.¬†She is spoilt and so loved. She‚Äôs
incredibly  playful, smoochy &  just loves to be by my side (she even sits right outside the shower and
waits, lil weirdo). I’m sure everyone thinks their cat is the most¬†intelligent, but she really is super smart!
We call her a Furry Ninja because she has no fear and throws herself around
the place playing.

She’s interested in everything, full of life; everyone who meets¬†her falls in love. I couldn’t have asked for more! Just can’t believe¬†how fast she is growing!

So happy to have such a wonderful cat!

Monica – North Shore.

abraCATabra Kovu¬†– Undercover Covert operations officer…

When I first decided to adopt a Mainecoon I emailed abraCATabra
& they replied to me straight away! They answered all questions I had
very quickly. They offered me Kovu after one day of paying my deposit!
I said yes!

Once I adopted Kovu I had to pay for the food. abraCATabra explained the benefits of the food for Kovu and how their food is the only mix in NZ that
will assist in the prevention of HCM,

They even back this up with a 10year guarantee to replace our kitty if we have problems with HCM or hip Dysplasia.

I decided it was best for Kovu to get the food. it was also nice to see how
much they care about the future of there kittens! I picked him up from Wellington airport, he came with all his wet food which will last 6 months
& a small packet of dry food
–¬†the rest got delivered to my door a week later.
After one day at home he was already settled in. He’s such a good kitten and the whole family spoils him! He’s playful, talkative, loves cuddles and car rides and he was¬†already toilet trained!!

I definitely recommend AbraCATabra!!

Geneva – Wellington

abraCATabra Bagheera – Total lush at the best of times!

This is one of our last girls from Cheeky by Boston Blue, I’m sad that I can no longer breed this pair, as they produced stunning natures, huge kitties, & gorgeous colours! Bagheera is a shinning example of this! Love Love LOVE the pic of you Kristina with your four lettered daughter:)

When I first enquired with Abracatabra I received a response straight away. They answered all my
questions very quickly and had a lovely phone conversation. I put a deposit down on a kitten
there and then after originally just asking questions haha. Jules and Petr got her
to me as soon as they could and the whole process was full of love and
care. When we first saw Bagheera we knew she was special! We picked
her up from Wellington Airport and she was
so brave especially on the drive home.

She settled in straight away and we were happy to see she was already toilet trained! Bagheera is always playing and zooming around. She loves to be around us and very loving, whenever we look down there she is! We can’t believe how smart she is, already playing fetch and knows when my alarm goes off that thats time to get up and play.  We couldn’t be happier and couldn’t imagine life without her.

Thank you Petr and Jules!
Kristina – Wellington