abraCATabra Fab Food!

Because of the quality of our Petfood, we offer a 10 YEAR guarantee.

After spending a great deal of time & effort developing our ‘incredibly low fat’ Petfood range, packed full of vitamins to support for your coons, to ensure your kitten will grow to it’s maximum potential, we can now back this by a phenomenal 10 year protection plan!

So, abraCATabra’s Viti Rich Petfood is SUPER healthy & the best choice for your Coon baby, but the BEST aspect about abraCATabra’s diet – by following our simple feeding instructions & ordering a minimum amount of this superfood on a yearly basis, your Purbabie’s are automatically protected by our 10 YEAR protection program.

abraCATabra VITI RICH WETFOOD – superb lean beef, only the best…

 Made from the best cuts of tender beef, containing on average only 10-15% fat content, it’s  the richest, tenderest,  vitamin rich RAW Petfood Packed full of goodness. Designed to sustain incredible growth & maintain superb condition!

abraCATabra focus’s on feeding health, a diet that ensures your kitten is kept happy, calm, yet full of energy, full of calcium to promote super bone development!


Talk to us about how great the combo of our wet & dry food is, fed together we offer 100% balanced diet, that will assist with your coon reaching his or her full potential. An essential part of guaranteeing you Purbaby has EVERYTHING he/she needs…

abraCATabra – health promoting long life!