Hi, I’m Pete & it’s a passion of mine to breed Maine Coons for New Zealand.

I’m based in Puhoi, Auckland NZ and both myself, my family and my cats have the luxury of living in paradise within the Puhoi countryside, as seen in the pic below, we are all very lucky.

What’s important to me…

Its important to me that my cats go to homes that are loving, warm and friendly, I want all of my kittens to be comfortable, and to get anything they require and then some…

My favourite stories from adoptees are from those that treat there furbabies as they would their kids – for this reason, I’d ask that before contacting me, you are certain that you can provide the best of the best life for my kittens, as I put a lot of time and effort into doing the best I can for them.

Our Paradise on an Autumn day in the Puhoi Valley
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