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abraCATabra cattery

abraCATabra is a small boutique cattery breeding & raising Maine Coon kittens for you in our own home. Our kittens are raised among our family & are familiar to the normal ebb & flow around a home, kids, dogs & other pets such as birds/parrots. Your kittens will arrive quite adapted to family lifestyle, yet ready to take on the world…

Petr & I have ALWAYS enjoyed breeding animals & we’re passionate about our Coon babies! Maine Coons are unlike other breeds you will encounter. They’re the LARGEST domestic bred Feline & are known for being one of the most GENTLE & playful. At abraCATabra, we pride ourselves on providing superb pets that will become  valued members of your family.

While using their paws as hands & investigating anything new that arrives in your home, you can expect your Coon to follow you around like a dog would. Though the average Male Maine Coon grows to around 9kg, some have been known to reach staggering weights of between 10 -14kg’s & up to 1.2 METERS in length (including tail). Though their size is one of the characteristics of this breed, it really is their temperament that wins most coon lovers over. They are quiet, relaxed & take everything in their stride. The females personality is more playful & adventurous, the girls are more likely to be by your side, as they tend to be very loyal & stay close to their families.


We fell in love with the breed & acquired our first Maine Coon from ShiningWater Cattery in the South Island. Zena Pigden from ShiningWater has been breeding for many years and it’s wonderful to have someone of her experience assist with the beginning stages  of our development here at abraCATabra.

Next we meet and fell in love with Judy Formby’s cats in Cambridge, Flurmonz Cattery. Judy breeds very strong show cats, she’s excelled in the show ring & has been a great support to our cattery. We LOVE to visit both Judy & her cattery as she has a superb setup that’s inspiring to say the least. Since meeting Judy, we’ve brought home three of her delightful babies for our breeding program. Judy has been a tremendous support & assists with many of the larger decisions we make, for future progeny in our breeding program. It’s wonderful to work with someone so knowledgable, we value her input & appreciate the direction she’s faced us in.


Maine Coons have fluffy ears – both inside & out & they have extremely long fluffy tails, which in the wild, they would use to wrap over & around their heads to assist in keeping warm. This furnishing (hair) on the inside of their ears helped to keep the snow out of their ears, as it was often snowing in the state of Maine USA. The fur decorating the tips of the ears if present is called lynx tips… Maine Coons developed a mane around their necks much like a lion has, to assist in natural protection from weather conditions & predators alike. It was an important development for this breed in their natural environment, as it prolonged survival in extremely cold & hazardous conditions. Today we benefit from this development, as it simply enhances their look & sets them apart from other Felines…

We began our dream of breeding this wonderful animal, not knowing what to expect, but delighted to be in the position of providing sociable, playful, loyal, gentle & extremely well breed Maine Coon kittens to the public.

To those of you who are lucky enough to make an investment into your family & purchase your own enchanted Coon, you will not only fall in love but become addicted to the enjoyment they will provide you with, it is likely you will invest in a second & sometimes third kitten, as you’ll just want to know, see & experience more!!!

mission statement…

To breed healthy stunning Maine Coons, producing kittens and Felines alike with SUPERB temperaments & excellent conformation – show quality animals providing wonderful memories to their forever homes..


old & new

We hold an interest in both foundation & imported Coon lines alike, this is mainly due to preserving & maintaining the strength and health of this breed within New Zealand. Given that we’re a small collection of Breeders, we rely on each other to aid & assist wherever possible. This will ensure the success of New Zealands development of Maine Coons & ensure collectively, we do right by the breed. We see this as the responsible choice & intend to encourage this philosophy.

We are registered breeders with the NZCF (New Zealand Cat Fancy)

We test at the appropriate age & continue to test against HCM & check for HD as applicable. It’s an important part of doing the best for our breeding program. We aim to strengthen the fight against all genetic diseases that may affect Maine Coons. So that we are able to provide an assurance to you that we’ve taken every step to ensure your baby will be healthy, happy & have total security in their new life, with your family!

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We look forward to hearing from you – Petr Valenta.